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Keep your car functioning safely with our extensive brake repair services. RVS Garage Service are a highly regarded garage based in Ludgershall, near Andover and Tidworth. We offer a full range of services for all makes and models of brake systems.

Look out for these brake warning signs


Brake warning lights

How does your car feel when you apply the brakes? If your car seems to have a mind of its own when braking & is pulling to the right or left hand side, its time to see a mechanic. You may have a stuck caliper, uneven brake pads or a collapsed brake hose. Pulling may indicate a problem with your vehicles braking system. It could also be the result of another issue. This includes faulty wheel alignment, uneven or worn tyres & even a suspension problem. That is why its crucial that you visit a brake technician for professional diagnostics.

Spongy Brake Pedal

Brake fluid reservoir

Is your brake pedal starting to feel soft or spongy & goes almost to the floor before engaging the brakes? This could mean that your brake fluid is low or leaking.


Is your brake pedal or steering wheel shaking under normal braking services? You should take your car in to an auto repair garage for diagnosis. These vibrations may indicate that your brake discs need repaired or even replaced.

Odd Noises

Brake calipers

Has your car been making strange noises when you apply your brakes? A loud high squeal is a warning that your brakes need to be serviced as the brake pads are wearing thin. Can you hear a metallic, grinding sound? This probably means that your brake pads have worn through completely & are in contact with the disc. Either way, get your car to a professional mechanic as quick as possible. This is to minimise any costly damage to your braking system.


To check your handbrake for excessive wear, pull it when you are on an incline. Check how many clicks it takes before your car is secure. If it takes more than a few then we recommend going to a professional mechanic to check your calipers.

Do you notice any of the above warning signs in your car? Get in touch with the experienced mechanics at RVS Garage Services in Andover for more information about our services! You can also call 0800 023 8864.

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