Things to do Before You Take your Car for an MOT

There are a few things that you can do to your vehicle before you take your vehicle for its annual MOT test. This can help you pass your MOT & stop you failing for minor issues that you could easily solve yourself.

Overall, this can save you time and money. These simple checks mean your car is MOT ready and if you come across any problems you can’t fix yourself you can advise your test centre of the problem and ask for it to fixed before the MOT is carried out.


You can fail your MOT if your lights aren’t working. This includes your headlights, sidelights, rear lights, hazards, indicators and break lights. Check these are in working order and make sure to change any bulbs that are blown.

Wheels & Tyres

There must be no damage to your wheels or tyres. Your tyres must also be the minimum tread depth or you will fail. Check of all these and replace any tire that is below the minimum requirements.

Windscreen, Wipers & Screen Wash

There should be no damage to your windscreen and any damage 40mm or more will be classed as a fail. Any damage wider than 10mm in the area the wipers cover will also be a fail. Arrange for this to be replaced in advance. Your windscreen wipers should also be in full working order and you need to have your screen wash topped up.

Fuel & Oil

If your vehicle doesn’t have enough fuel or oil your vehicle may not able to be tested as there are parts of the MOT that need these like the emissions test.

As well as all of this it’s important to ensure:

  • Your horn is working
  • Your Seats are fully adjustable
  • Your seatbelt is working
  • The number plate is clean & legible

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