Preparing Your Car for Winter

Keeping up with the maintenance of your car is important throughout the year but especially during the winter time. The cold weather and dark nights mean a lot more things can go wrong with your car and problems are a lot more difficult.

Check Your Lights

With the longer nights coming in, it's vital to make sure all of your lights are in working order, especially if you drive a lot in they times.

Your lights will be on a lot more so are more likely to blow throughout the winter. Check these regularly and make sure to get any lights replaced that are not working. It could stop an accident happening.

Check Car Fluids

From oil & coolant to screen wash. It is important to check all of these are topped up in the winter. Your car is more likely to have coolant problems in the winter so be sure to keep an eye one this.

Making sure your fluids are topped up is easy and cheap & could avoid something bigger needing fixed or your car breaking down.


Checking your tyre pressure and thread depth is probably the most important during winter. With more chances of ice and snow in the winter, it's more likely for your car to slide around and skid so good tires is vital.

Get these checked by doing it yourself, taking your car to a garage or replacing your tyres to winter ones. You won't regret it.

Servicing, Breakdown Kits & More

There is a lot more you can do to get your car winter ready. From getting your car serviced to creating a breakdown kit with a torch, food and blankets. All are easy to do but you will appreciate it if a problem does come up. 

Many places also offer Winter Checks that can pick up on any problems.

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